tirsdag, februar 19, 2008

Nielsen til Afghanistan?!

First of all Nielsen is assigned to stage his own way from the world stage and back into the theatre: In February 2003 Nielsen made his famous "long walk" from Das Beckwerk to the centre of Copenhagen carrying the white Flag of The Democracy. Meanwhile this flag has become "the Flag of the New", and now Nielsen's mission is to carry the Flag from the outskirts of Kabul (aka the outskirts of world history) through the public space monitored by the world and its medias to the centre of Kabul and into the National Theatre. Like the walk through Denmark also this historic walk will be documented on video and still pictures.
-- Man kan lese mer om Nielsens skumle planer her. Og om alt går som det skal, kan man følge hendelsenes gang her, fra ca. 21./22. februar.

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